Our Philosophy

We relentlessly search and select only the best cuts of meat from all over the world. We learn about the ideal preparation and cooking method for each one so that we can offer the Varrone clientele only the highest quality dishes.

1. Excelencia o Muerte

Best quality and care of our guests. Excellence is our guide and will always be our mantra. Varrone will always be synonymous with ‘Excelencia o Muerte’.

2. Philosophy

Varrone is the philosopher of meat. Ours is ‘The Philosophy of Meat Excellence’ that teaches us to responsibly enjoy meat of the highest quality, only and exclusively truly excellent, including from an ethical point of view.

3. Experience

Live the experience. A journey into taste that leads from the best-known routes to the most remote, in search of unprecedented sensations beyond the standard of every day.

4. Casa

Varrone is the home you can return to after a journey. At home is precisely how we want you to feel, with spontaneity, inclusiveness and our attentive, yet informal approach.

5. Viaggio

Varrone is always on the road. We travel in search of the most excellent meats in the world and we work so that you too can travel in tailor-made taste with all your senses.

6. Ricerca

The pursuit of excellence in the best meats makes Varrone a tireless researcher, on the trail of the most prestigious national and international producers.

7. Centro

Our guest is always at the centre. To every palate its own meat, tailored to your needs. What is the best meat from Varrone? The one you like.

8. Virtù

Virtue. We select only virtuous breeders who raise animals naturally. Only in this way can they guarantee the best tasting meat that is also ethical: the best.

9. Rispetto

Respect. Respect for the raw material and the people who work it is a priority in guaranteeing the excellence that distinguishes our brand.

10. Detail

Every detail at Varrone is meticulously curated, scrutinised and guaranteed by Massimo Minutelli himself, with his team of trusted collaborators who interpret his values every day.

11. People

Varrone would not exist without the people who embrace its philosophy every day. We are an extended family of employees, customers and partners. And we really love each other.

12. Fire

Fire is not only at the heart of our passion, but also the engine of taste, the ingredient that gives flavour to our cuisine, it is the life-giving primordial element from which our symbol is forged, because the masters of fire are the true keepers of taste.

13. Grill

The grill at Varrone is the beating heart of our restaurant, the brazier to which we devote ourselves every day, with the search for fine oak wood.

14. Selections

Varrone’s selections range from great meats to the world of wine and spirits, following the excellence of the best labels to pair with the intensity of our dishes.

15. Outsider

Varrone is an outsider. Not only meat, our journey is an intense experimentation with new offerings, including desserts, all to be enjoyed.

16. Fun

At Varrone everything comes together towards a comforting and satisfying joy of eating, from signature plates to street food. Varrone is joy. Have fun!


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    Varrone bears the signature of the designer and friend Diego Perusko, who has skilfully transposed a philosophy of cuisine and hospitality to a restaurant whose furnishings use the same key elements: oak wood, iron and stone.

    The centrality of the grill, the large ingredients in view as in a boutique, the consistent elegance found in every space in the restaurant. Everything carries the mark of Perusko.

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